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OG:\\ Current Situation (Not shutting down)
by Marcos Silva at Thu Oct 16, 2014 9:43 pm

Hello Surfers,

I just want to quickly let you all know what the current status for OG:\\ is. As some of you have realized, there are some drama going around that states OG:\\ is going to shut down. However, I want to make this very clear to everyone. OG:\\ now is ran by Marcos Silva and Yellow Dot. We'll be making changes with my new staff and might change the community name, or something of this nature. For the time being I want you all to calm down, the servers ranks were deleted by the old staff, I am sorry for that and pissed as well, I was Expert :/. However, I want to leave a note for old admins: If you want to admin again, please contact me (Marcos Silva) via steam by clicking HERE or Yellow Dot by clicking HERE. Once again, I apologize for the inconvenience and I hope to see you all in the servers soon!

EDIT: Additional details.

What happens now?

    We're currently re-writing the plugin, fixing the old issues and adding new features.

Any Expected time?

    When it comes to coding, we can't know for sure how long it'll take. However, we can estimate. At the very most 2 weeks. You may ask "why" and the answer is pretty forward, we dont want to open these servers with a hotfix, or with lag as some of you might have experienced, our goal it to fix ALL issues and present to you a working and stable timer/servers.

Will the community name change?

    Yes, it will. We don't want to public disclose information this just yet, will soon be announced and this site will be redirected to it. But here's why we want to change it:
    1. We no longer have access of the steam group.
    2. A lot of drama has gone through the old name, since we're not the old staff it's not fair for us to take that blood.

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by Moldy at Tue Oct 07, 2014 10:46 pm
· As you all know Opium Gaming has had some issues over the last few months that we have been working to resolve, causing speculation about the future of the community and rightfully so. Now despite these speculation Opium Gaming is still very much alive and will be making changes and steps to move our servers and community forward.

1. We are currently looking for a coder. This application is open to individuals who have knowledge of SourceMod and SQL. If you are interested in the position please include and follow the format below, then email us your application.

Please email the application to:

Steam ID (if applicable):
Experience using SourceMod and SQL:
Current Obligations (if applicable):
Amount of time available to dedicate:
Willing to work on large projects:

2. We have changed the IP to Newb Surf 4. The new IP is:

3. We have a new Steam Group that is dedicated solely to improving admins abilities to respond and deal with rule-breakers on the servers. This group is public, we encourage everyone to join and read the groups profile.
- Join the group at:

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this. With that said we would like to thank everyone for your continued support through all of our problems. This community means a lot to us, and we only want to see it continue to grow.

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Rule Change Regarding Music & Sound Clips
by DJ Adam at Wed Sep 17, 2014 6:25 pm
· Good evening Everyone,

After much internal debate and public outcry. We had public poll that heavily favored the removal of the allowance of music and sound clips. We have made a made a revision to that server rules to reflect the outcome of the public poll.

The original rule.
Image Do not spam in chat or over mic.
    Do not spam on the servers. If your mic doesn't work properly please don’t use it. Playing music or sound clips is allowed. They MUST be high quality. If you receive two !warnings or complaints you are required to stop the music or sound clips. If you ignore the !warnings a server admin will issue a warning to you, if you continue you past the admin warning you will be muted/gagged. If you try to avoid the mute/gag you will be permanently muted/gagged.

The new rule.
Image Do not spam on the servers.
    Do not spam on the servers. If your mic doesn't work properly please don’t use it. The playing of music or sound clips is NOT allowed. Players found playing music/clips will be asked to stop. If you fail to stop the music/clip after the 2nd warning you will be muted/gagged. If you avoid the mute/gag you will be permanently muted/gagged.

If you feel that you have a big enough following for your music or sound clips you can request a private channel on the TeamSpeak in which you and your followers can listen and enjoy your music choices or sound clip humor with out worrying about being muted/gagged.

If you feel that you have been treated unfairly by an admin please post a report in the abuse forum viewforum.php?f=61 Please provide proof of the incident, screen cap of the console, demo, other recording, etc etc.

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Update Fubar!
by Tierns at Wed Sep 10, 2014 6:51 pm
· save us otis

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