Monthly Goal
To achieve our monthly server costs we need your help. Donators will receive Contributor benefits within the servers.

Top25 SurfTimer Ranks
1XIL3 | R3N!G4D330597290
3moneywisesquad. dJtåBy26087703
4ploob ☺27486133
10, sexy, & fat25362451
12rli gud pl@y425459838
17Rullbasio |Assc|20854054
19Geuse ^.^19352999
20. !23251812

News / Announcements
Scams / Phishing.
by Otis at Sun Jul 27, 2014 9:23 pm
· We want to bring to the community's attention that there have been recent phishing attempts using the OpiumGaming name.

We will never ask you for your Steam account information or password(s). We don't require you to tell us your email or password when applying for admin. We do not have any accounts on BlogSpot. Always be sure to check all links before you click a link.

If you received a message that looks suspicious, we suggest reporting it.

If you think you might have fallen for a scam make sure to change your password and never use the same password for other accounts.

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Server crashes.
by Otis at Sat Jul 26, 2014 3:14 pm
· We're in the process of pushing out a fix for this issue.

Update 7/27/14 8:00PM EST
We're still attempting to find the issue. Just know we are trying.

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RTV Changes!
by Otis at Fri Jul 25, 2014 2:10 pm
· Hey everyone,

We've made changes to the delays before players on the server are allowed to Rock The Vote. We hope these changes will meet the request we've received from our player base and relieve some of the stress from maps being RTV'd almost as soon as they start.

RTV Time Changes
NewbSurf - 10 minutes
SkillSurf - 10 minutes
TimerSurf - 15 minutes

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Public TeamSpeak Open!
by Otis at Wed Jul 23, 2014 6:52 pm
· We're proud to announce that we have opened a 128 slot TeamSpeak server!


>>>> Download TeamSpeak Here. <<<<
READ: Get the Client 32 bit -or- Client 64 bit Choose Client 32 bit if you are unsure
1. Download TeamSpeak 3 using the link above.
2. Install TeamSpeak 3.
3. Run TeamSpeak 3 and go through the Setup Wizard.
4. Click Connections tab.
5. Click Connect.
6. Input this IP address: in the "Server Address" field.
7. Enter your Nickname you use on the servers in the "Nickname" field.
8. Click Connect.
9. Make sure to read the TeamSpeak rules.


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